Race Human Sex Female Age 24 (young adult) Disposition Chaotic, Ferel
Organization None
Location Mwangi Expanse
Capabilities Hunter; Dinosaur companion called Jaji
Description A feral pale-skinned woman that stands near 6 feet tall with a perfectly muscled figure and stunning features, her dark hair woven into clumped tangles. She dresses in scraps of animal hide and carries a glaive crafted from the toothed jaw of some fearsome jungle beast. Athyra speaks Polyglot,and knows only a smattering of Common.
Status Lookers gained her friendship by returning a family locket from the Fzumi Salt Mines.

“As improbable as it might be, I believe she is a child that survived the destruction of the Fzumi Salt Mines and grew up wild and alone. Clearly that which does not kill you makes you strong. But as strong as she is on the outside I still see a child like spirit lurking underneath.” —Quinn

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