Aspis Consortium

Most people of Avistan and northern Garund view the Aspis Consortium as just another trade syndicate, albeit possibly the largest and one neither controlled by a specific state entity nor bound within any single nation’s borders. Aspis employs a vast pool of hired mercenaries and local labor eager to earn Consortium coin, and their business certainly enriches many. Clients and employees alike are puppets for the Consortium’s agents and merchant lords, earning them considerable good will and oftentimes a blind eye turned to other, darker rumors.

Goal: Profit Above All

Morals, laws, loyalties, and national boundaries fall by the wayside in the name of wealth. The Aspis Consortium acts superficially like many other merchant and trade cabals,but unlike them, it actively manipulates the market and its patrons to achieve its vast wealth. From the lowest dock worker who cares for nothing save for earning his promised pay, to the soldier of fortune willing to spill blood for coin, the Consortium’s masters rely on the supreme power of human greed to further even darker aims.

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