Shackles Pirates

While pirates have prowled Golarion’s seas since the advent of ocean-going travel, and lone pirate crews have long forced merchants and states alike to protect their ships and coastlines, the Shackles Pirates, as an organized quasi-nation, are something altogether different. Lairing within the islands of the Shackles archipelago, constantly under threat from the supernatural hellstorm of the Eye of Abendego, they represent a true threat to many nations but at the same time provide a conduit to glory and freedom for the disaffected, the exiled, and the wildly adventurous.

Goal: Plunder and Freedom

The Shackles Pirates operate with the mores and goals of a traditional pirate ship or flotilla of allied pirate ships under common command, but on the grand scale of a nation-state. Every pirate serves a captain of her choosing, and with that same loose democracy the Shackles Pirates attack and plunder any merchant ship or other potential target they can, always seeking to maximize their booty, with the quantity considered more important than the risks. Their rules and leaders are their own, and they do not hold themselves accountable to the justice, laws, or authority of any imperial power, or to any other external force—even the Eye.

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