Adventure's Journal


Our disoriented band of legendary heroes are thrust into another demon attack, on another world… Sapped of their great powers they are near helpless, able to do little more than watch as a city is torn asunder. During the onslaught, the ground splits open and the heroes fall into a cavern from which they must now escape.


Though the heroes near the surface, they must first navigate their way through the lair of depraved mongrelmen who are working with the cult of Baphomet.


The heroes emerge to find Kenabres in shambles. They escort friends to their homes and clash against the cult of Baphomet before allying with the Eagle Watch crusaders.


The heroes assault the Gray Garrison, and must find and destroy a wardstone fragment before the demons use the crusaders' greatest defense against them!


“MARV HAS GONE CRAZY! MARV IS KILLING PEOPLE!” the guard yells in a panic as he runs into the room. Quickly the heroes run toward the Heaven or Hell on Earth to help with Marvin.

As the heroes reach the bar a group of customers and guards are standing in the street in an agitated mob. The group rushes past the crowd and into the bar to find Marv sitting at a bar with his face covered in blood as three crusaders carry a bleeding body out into the street.

At the moment the bar appears to be cleared of most people and Marv does not appear to be an immediate threat so the heroes rush back out to check on the person being carried out.

The wounded figure appears to be a member of the Hell Knights… he is alive but his face has been mutilated. It looks like he has been mauled by an animal with one eye completely gone.

Quickly a member of the guard runs the heroes down on what happen. Apparently this man got drunk and grabbed at one of the ‘HoHoe’ girls as she danced, causing her to fall from the stage and bash her face into a table. It busted her lip and possibly blacked her eye. It was an ugly fall but it was nothing permanent.

Marv exploded and began pummeling the guy. A few of his friends tried to help but quickly backed off after a startling animal-like growl from Marv. Everyone just stood in disbelieve and fear as Marv literally ate the man’s face as the victim was held to the ground screamed in terror. The man eventually passed out as Marvin sucked an eyeball out of the socket. Marv then leaned back sitting on the man’s chest as he chewed the eye with glee before swallowing it and exclaiming, “It has been quite a while since I sucked out an eyeball. I love that pop!”

Marvin then returned to the bar and ordered a drink… which the bartender quickly served.

The crowd moans and belly aches about something has to be done but is easily dispersed as it is clear none of them want to take on Marv. Others have tested Marv in the past and none remained standing more than a matter of seconds and in those cases it was clear Marvin was pulling his punches. Some have heard him joke that he didn’t want to kill them because then people would stop trying to jump him and he finds if fun to tussle from time to time. Up until now nobody was permanently injured.

For a while people were ok with just giving Marv a wide berth as watching the HoHoe girls dance and drinking normally keeps Marv content but now the consensus seems to be that Marvin is a disaster waiting to happen. Something has to be done about Marvin!

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