Race Elf Sex Male Age Late Around 150 (adult) Disposition Confident, Suspicious
Organization Riftwardens; Knights of Kenabres
Location Worldwound; Drezen
Capabilities Scholar; mage; moderate arcane spellcasting ability
Description Aravashnial has long white hair and silver eyes. His build is thin even for an elf but he more than makes up for it with his superior intellect. He generally dresses in warm robes and carries a staff.
Status Recently worked with the Knights of Kenabres to find the Sword of Valor and capture the city of Drezen. Also looking for clues to infiltration of the crusaders by demon cultists which he feels has been more damaging to the war effort than actual battles.

“A wizard devoted to closing rifts between worlds. Aravashnial bears a deep hatred of demons as a result of his battles in the Worldwound, but his greatest passion is seeing the borders between Golarion and other worlds reinforced.” —Sosiel Vaenic

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