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 +====== Arles Jhestander ====== ​
 +^Race | Human ^ Sex | Male ^ Age | 50ish (adult) ^ Disposition | Confident, Charismatic |
 +^Organization | The Eighty-Eight;​ [[wotr_history_lore:​mendevian_crusaders|Mendevian Crusaders]] ||^ Relations | Friend and mentor to the Knights of Drezen; Drinking buddy of Marvin |||
 +^Location | Worldwound; Drezen |||||||
 +^Capabilities ​  | Toril General of great renown; leader of men; life-long soldier; master swordman |||||||
 +^Description | Arles was the leader of the legendary Eighty-Eight and as far as known the highest ranking member still living of any Torn military. ​ It is said that no man has ever been routed under his command and that he has literally lead over a hundred thousand men to their deaths with everyone of them fighting to the bitter end.  He is a man that soldiers would follow anywhere and have.  It is also whispered that due to his heroics at the Last Stand of Arabel, that he cannot die and that if he should die then someone near him dies in his place. |||||||
 +^Status ​        | Currently working with the Knights of Drezen training and mentoring the elite unit of soldiers. |||||||
 +//"​Lets settle this as men... with nothing but a sword."//​
 +---Arles Jhestander to Marvin shortly before driving a sword out the top of his skull
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