Aron Kir

Race Human Sex Male Age Late Twenties (adult) Disposition Attentive, Unpretentious, Moody
Organization Mendevian Crusaders; Knights of Kenabres Relations Romantically involved with Sosiel Vaenic
Location Worldwound; Drezen
Capabilities Engineer; nimble fighter with short sword and shield
Description Aron is a likable scoundrel with a dodgy past who was orphaned when his parents were thrown in prison for life on charges of treason. This led to a life of crime at a young age and Aron was eventually sentenced to a 3-year tour in the Worldwound as part of the Condemned. At the conclusion of his tour, Aron volunteered to stay on, and was reassigned from the Condemned to a larger force of trained crusaders where he became of a member of the Kenabres Wolves. Eventually, after some bumps and setbacks, Aron gaining recognition as a skilled engineer.
Status Recently worked with the Knights of Kenabres to find the Sword of Valor and capture the city of Drezen.

“Haggard and beleaguered, Aron Kir has the look of a man haunted by his own weaknesses and worn down by the loss of too many friends.” —Aron Kir

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