Horgus Gwerm

Race Human Sex Male Age 50ish (middle age) Disposition Arrogant, Acerbic, Honest
Organization City Council of Kenabres; Truestone Quarry
Location Worldwound; Kenabres
Capabilities Aristocrat; rich businessman and well connected noble
Description Although Horgus is an arrogant, self-important nobleman with a grating personality, his one redeeming quality may be his ruthless honesty. Though his speech is infrequently buffered by tact, Horgus is known for speaking the truth. He keeps his promises and never reneges on a deal.
Status Currently working in Kenabres to rebuild the devastated city. Also has lent considerable political and monentary support to the expedition by the Knights of Kenabres to find the Sword of Valor and retake the city of Drezen.

“A danger-filled youth instilled in Horgus Gwerm the desperate desire to live a safe like. He long ago vowed that lack of money would not be the determining factor in his death, and is fanatically devoted to accumulating wealth so he can purchase more bodyguards and higher fortifications around his manor house.” —Xavier Siraz

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