Irabeth Tirabade

Race Half-orc Sex Female Age Late Twenties (adult) Disposition Honorably, Even-tempered, Determined
Organization Eagle Watch; Knights of Kenabres Relations Married to Anevia Tirabade
Location Worldwound; Drezen
Capabilities Paladin of Iomedae; battlefield army commander
Description A shining beacon of justice in golden full plate with a longsword to punish the wicked and a shield to protect the weak.
Status Fell from grace by the taint of Lamashtu's Afterbirth. Currently being held prisoner by a powerful Kalavakus demon called the “Slaver”.

“Irabeth Tirabade has fought long and hard to be recognized as a force for good, and is proud to be a full-fledged member of the Eagle Watch. After years of facing others' suspicion, she finally gained widespread public acceptance after exposing another paladin's treachery.” —Anevia Tirabade

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