Joran Vhane

Race Dwarf Sex Male Age around 100 (adult) Disposition Troubled, Hardworking, Single-minded
Organization Worldwound Relations Younger brother of Staunton Vhane
Location Worldwound; Drezen
Capabilities Skilled Armour and Weaponsmith; Cleric of Droskar; significant spell caster
Description An evil dwarf with blood on his hands that followed his brother Staunton down a very dark path.
Status Captured at Drezen by the Knights of Kenabres where he quickly divulged information in return for promises of a full pardon for his past transgressions.

“Joran doesn't have the iron to be of much use… mud sticking to my boot. His one metal is with the forge. He will never be a warhammer but maybe there's at least enough clay in him to make a pot to carry my water.” —Staunton Vhane

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