Nurah Dendiwhar

Race Halfling Sex Female Age Late 20s (adult) Disposition Determined, Generous, Worldly
Organization Eagle Guard; Knights of Kenabres
Location Worldwound; Drezen
Capabilities Scout; Scholar; Scribe; minor arcane spellcasting ability
Description Nurah is an expert on early Mendevian Crusades and the lore of ancient Sarkorisl. Before joining the Knights of Kenabres she was an adviser to Queen Galfrey. She is a tenacious survivor blessed with luck and skill dedicated to stopping the demon incursion.
Status Recently worked with the Knights of Kenabres to find the Sword of Valor and capture the city of Drezen. She also has been task to chronicle the mission by Queen Galfrey.

“Small and unassuming, Nurah Dendiwhar serves as a chronicler and historian among the Worldwound crusaders.” —Sosiel Vaenic

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