Queen Galfrey

Race Human Sex Female Age Unknown, appears late 20s (adult) Disposition Queenly, Noble, Imposing
Organization Kingdom of Mendev; Church of Iomedae
Location Worldwound; Nerosyan
Capabilities Paladin of Iomedae; Queen of Mendev
Description Queen Galfrey is the absolute monarch of the crusader-state of Mendev, and leader of the Mendevian Crusades.
Status Currently leading the Fifth Crusade.

“When she took the Mendevian crown over a hundred years ago, Galfrey had no idea she was signing on for multiple lifetimes of war. A brilliant tactician and ferocious servant of Iomedae, Queen Galfrey hopes that the Fifth Crusade will be the last, and that she will finally earn a chance to rest.” —Nurah Dendiwhar

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