The demon lord Deskari, Demon Lord of Infestation and Locusts, is also known as the Locust Lord, Lord of the Locust Host and the Usher of the Apocalypse.

Historically, his cult was active in the barbarian nation of Sarkoris until his avatar and his followers were driven into the Lake of Mists and Veils by the god Aroden in one of his many miraculous deeds in 4433 AR. Aroden's death and the coming of the Age of Lost Omens has allowed Deskari's to reassert his influence in the region again in the much more obvious form of the Worldwound. In fact, numerous reports coming out of the Worldwound indicate that Deskari is spending more time there.

Deskari is allied with his fellow demon lord Baphomet and, for instance, their followers have worked effectively together in the Worldwound on Golarion.

Rune Alignment Worshipers Sacred Animal Weapon
Chaotic Evil Worldwound Denizens
Worms that Walk
Locust Scythe
Symbol Portfolio Minions Sacred Colors Home

Bloody Locust Wings
Giant Vermin
Rasping Rifts

“Deskari's abyssal minions are like vermin in the world of mortals. Lift a piece of wood, and they are there. Split a stone, and you will find them.”
— From the Book of the Damned

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