Discussion with Queen Galfrey

How are things on the front lines?

“Relatively quiet for the moment, but I expect that to change any moment. Scouts within the Worldwound tell us that the demons and their minions are massing all along the Sarkora River in Riftshadow, and we expect them to hit Nerosyan, Karcau, and other southern points within the week. I need to get Kenabres in order and get back south in a few days as a result, and I hope you'll be well on your way north by then.”

Why do you think this plan will work?

“It's risky, but the reward is worth it. And the demons won't expect it. In fact, they might not even notice it, what with their attention focused on the southern borders. If you can secure Drezen quickly enough and find the Sword of Valor, it will do most of the work of keeping the place safe once you've reactivated it.”

What's stopping demons from teleporting in as reinforcements once we attack?

“Their own nature. Those left behind have been charged with protecting Drezen, and if they abandon that post, even to teleport away for help, they'll likely be killed. No demon wants to be killed. That and their arrogance about their superiority over mortal life should be more than enough to keep them in Drezen until the very end. If you can secure the Sword of Valor before you break their morale completely then it will be too late for them to reinforce.”

What can you tell us about Citadel Drezen?

“It was built during the First Mendevian Crusade as a strategic foothold inside the World wound. Dwarves chiseled it from of a rocky hill near the source of the Sellen River. It held for well over a decade, withstanding almost constant war before a traitor turned the Sword of Valor over to the demons. We never found out who it was, but with the Sword of Valor's protection gone, the demons overwhelmed Drezen in a night.”

What can you tell us about the Sword of Valor?

“Despite the name, it's not a sword. It's a battle standard – an artifact once used by Iomedae herself during the Shining Crusade. The church loaned the banner to the First Mendevian Crusade and allowed it to hang in Drezen, where it bolstered crusader morale and, perhaps more importantly, warded against demonic attacks, deceptions, and even teleportation.”

Where is the Sword of Valor located?

“Somewhere inside Citadel Drezen. At one point, it was held in a special vault, but our divinations have only revealed that the banner remains in the Citadel somewhere. Alas, the same wards that protect it against demons also hamper divination attempts – but we know it's still in there.”

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