Eagle Watch

The Eagle Watch is a group of righteous crusaders who realized that though most of their enemies live in the Worldwound, a great many walk the streets and live among the crusaders. The group was founded by an Eagle Knight who felt that the greater threat to freedom wasn't Andoran's clashes with Cheliax, but rather the Abyssal rift spitting demons into the world. Dismayed by the behavior of their brothers and sisters, the Eagle Watch seek to rid the crusaders of corruption and improper vices.

The Eagle Watch is willing to work with the Hellknights of Cheliax to fight the demonic spawn at its source as well as witch hunters to root out the enemies corruption among the ranks of the crusade. Because of their stern scrutiny of other crusaders and association with devils they are often shunned by crusaders at large, especially those that enjoy their vices.

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