Medals of Righteousness

The leaders of the Mendevian Crusades are always on the lookout for committed crusaders and reliable adventurers who can help to turn the demonic tide at the Worldwound. Among the many ways that they recognize and encourage service is by awarding prestigious magical medals. These medals come in a variety of types, and each one provides some meaningful benefit to the wearer. The deeds required to qualify for a righteous medal are specific and not to be taken lightly. A hero might earn one or more of them while fighting against the Abyss, but doing so is a real measure of bravery and skill. Likewise, crusaders that have earned righteous medals have done so at great personal risk – these are not awards that can be earned by sitting behind an army or pushing parchment.

The righteous medal of agility is awarded to a hero who delivers the killing blow to a significant demon before that demon is able to act in combat.
The righteous medal of clarity is awarded to those who discover and spread vital information that helps the cause strike against the Worldwound.
The righteous medal of command is awarded to those who redeem enemy combatants and turn them to the side of the crusades.
The righteous medal of spirit is awarded to crusaders who overcome possession or mental control before being forced to do evil.
The righteous medal of valor is awarded to heroes who deliver the killing blows to a demons more powerful than themselves.
The righteous medal of vigor is awarded to crusaders who are brought to near death by a demon but survive to rejoin the fight before that demon’s defeat.
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