Sword of Valor

The Inheritor herself carried this crimson banner into battle during the Shining Crusade. An army commander who carries the Sword of Valor increases her armies effectiveness against armies of undead or evil outsiders. Yet the Sword of Valor's greatest power lies not in offense but in defense. Mounted firmly upon an interior wall in a visible, public place, the Sword of Valor creates a 10-mile-radius area that causes great pain to demons and those who worship demons and also prevents them from using teleportation spells and effects. Any nonevil creature that sleeps within a 1-mile radius becomes immune to fear effects from demons and demon worshipers for 24 hours. In addition in times of great need Iomedae has been know to send one of her servants to protect a worshiper of Iomedae near to the banner who has call out for aid.

The Sword of Valor is a major artifact that weights about 3 pounds and radiates a strong aura of good, abjuration, and evocation magic.

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