War Torn

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Adventure's Journal - Heroes of Kingsholm

Dark War Year 15

Hammer / Deepwinter

Day 1

Trimble Wobblebeak

A local band of adventures was hired by Sasha of the Southern Sun Import Alliance to investigate missing food commodities. They were a band of six that included Aethria a female elven archer, Khyti a half-dragon female, Orn a male priest, Bjorn a female warrior, Kehlar a male sorcerer, and an unnamed male rogue.

Day 2

Trimble Wobblebeak

After some investigating around town they set out to find Lysander a local woodcutter that had also been looking into the thefts. With the aid of a woodcutter and friend of Lysander named Cutter the adventures made their way to a hunting lodge some six hours travel through the snow to the north. There they did indeed find Lysander.

Day 3

Trimble Wobblebeak

The brave band investigated a nearby cave that Lysander had been watching and encountered an owlbear which they slay. They discovered several eaten bodies within the owlbear's lair. Upon returning to the hunting lodge they were ambushed by a group of orcs which they later discovered had been hired to kill Lysander.

Day 5

Trimble Wobblebeak

The heroes returned to Kingsholm to continue their investigating.

Khyti Dragonsong

All the partying and booze in the world, and I still wake up alone the next morning. These townsfolks have no sense of adventure.

Day 6

Trimble Wobblebeak

After following some leads and some covert surveillance the heroes ended up dredging the river for a body where they were ambushed by the miller, Cloten, in wererat form and some of his henchmen. Several members narrowly escaped drowning in the fridge waters but in the end the heroes prevailed. Unfortunately, Cloten escaped but his affliction and the killing spree it caused had been exposed.