War Torn

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Race: Moon Elf Sex: Male Age: (adult) Religion: ?
Organization: Vaedi'm Shadi; Champion of the Witch King
Location: Encountered in Pedestal
Capabilities: Arcane caster and possible swordsman, “always flying”
Description: Average of build and appearance for his race but striking in his fundamental fashion. Dressed in elven chain and garb with an elven thinblade worn at the hip.

We encountered a moon elf by the name of Sarish in Pedestal. He was a leader of a group of Vaedi'm Shadi that demanded a magical skull that we recovered from the Necromancer's Spike. It did not come to blows as he caught us hurt and we turned over the skull without a fight. He did demonstrate the ability to fly and turn invisible though. — Toren Darkwood

This individual likely poses a great threat to human-kind. I must figure out a way to capture him and turn him to our side. — Wolf