War Torn

Trace: » xeronisdrssiraz_es




Race: Yuan-ti Sex: Male Age: (old) Religion: ?
Organization: Coiled Cabal, House Hss'tafi, ex Vanguard of Sertrous
Location: Far to the south in the Serpent Lands of the Yaun-ti
Capabilities: Arcane spellcaster
Description: A slight but imposing figure in rich violet robes embroidered with intricate platinum stitching, reptilian scales on his forehead and bald pate betray his yaun-ti ancestry. Hidden in his hood is a piercing gaze from bright yellow eyes and a sharp intellect. As strong as his presence is, his body seems frail and bent with age. He leans wearily on an ornate spear as he seems to struggle for breath.

Often referred to as “Xeron” or simple as “X”, probably due to the difficulty of pronouncing the entire name. — Elaint Marsk

“Lord Xeronisdrssiraz'es is a powerful ally and a daunting foe. He is currently setting himself up as mankind's savior. Can we stop him from enslaving every human left alive? Should we stop him? I'm not sure. Perhaps Nature would be better off if we didn't.” — Wolf

Xeron is allied to a powerful mind flayer. I wonder what its agenda is. We could be in serious trouble if it betrays him. — Wolf